AES possesses the right security management experience and has proven its capability to provide effective security and management oversight. We have received numerous compliments from our clients. Below is a list of our highly valued and prestigious clients:

(a) Albert Court Hotel
(b) Bugis Village Hotel
(c) Elizabeth Hotel
(d) Far East Organisation Ltd
(e) KBox Pte Ltd
(f) Quincy Hotel
(g) Pico Art International Pte Ltd
(h) Singapore Sports Hub Pte Ltd

AES has also provided security officers and oversee the security management for the following major events in Singapore.

(a) Inaugural Rugby 10 – 120 officers
(b) Singapore Chinese Orchestral – 120 officers
(c) Stephanie Sun’s concert – 100 officers
(d) Juventus vs Singapore Selection – 180 officers
(e) Brazil vs Japan – 245 officers
(f) WTA Ladies Championship – 40 officers for a period of 1 week
(g) Mariah Carey’s concert – 100 officers
(h) Suzuki Cup – 330 officers
(i) Jay Chou’s concert – 220 officers
(j) Countdown 2014/2015 – 50 officers